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Family Healthcare with Homeopathy

An easy guide to treating common conditions at home with homeopathy.

In this 130 page handbook we aim to introduce you to the use of homeopathic medicine as a form of home treatment for everyday complaints. Homeopathic medicines are known as ‘remedies’. By following the guidelines outlined in this book, you will be able to use the remedies safely and effectively.

By: Deborah Rayfield


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Product Description

Homeopathic medicine is different from the conventional medical system in many ways: it treats  the whole person, not just the symptoms associated with the disease; it is beneficial for mental, emotional and physical symptoms; it  chosen to suit each individual with their individual symptom group; it tastes good; children love it; it doesn’t have the side effects of conventional (modern) medicine; it’s not tested on animals; there is increasing evidence from research of its success and efficiency; it can be used for ongoing chronic problems and for everyday complaints; it’s environmentally friendly! This is an impressive list.

When you have mastered the basic skills in this handbook and as your experience and confidence grows you can add more remedies to your kit with the guidance of your homeopath. However it is important to understand that even with much experience the treatment of serious injuries and chronic diseases are not covered by this handbook. If in any doubt seek expert advice.