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Naturopathy has evolved out of the ancient healing traditions of Europe, with its roots firmly grounded in early Greek medical philosophy but with an expanded and scientific understanding from more modern sources. It is now recognised by mainstream medicine as a valuable and effective treatment for a variety of disorders.

Naturopathy is based in the belief that the body given the right conditions can heal itself, that it has a strong ‘vital force’ which is constantly striving for balance and that disease is simply DIS “EASE” of the body, mind or spirit of a human being. Naturopathy therefore aims to treat ‘holistically’ which basically means looking at not just the physical body but the emotional, thinking and spiritual realms of existence as well. Modern medicine has shown the link between mental and physical health and the importance of good mental and sometimes even spiritual attitude to recovery from serious illness.

The Naturopathic Consultation

Naturopathy treats each person as an individual and as such the first consultation is longer than a normal doctor’s visit as the whole person is taken into account. This will include a full case history, nutrition and dietary breakdown, family history and each body system is examined one by one. Often physical examination is involved using tools such as Iridology, tongue and nail diagnosis, blood pressure analysis and mineral taste tests. Sometimes allergy tests, blood tests or hair analysis may be necessary and in this case the Naturopath will refer outside the clinic to specialized laboratories for these tests which are then sent back to them for examination. Follow up consultations are generally shorter than the initial 60 to 90 minutes and may last 30-45 minutes each.

Treatment can encompass dietary changes, herbal or nutritional supplements or tonics, lifestyle changes, body work or other therapies. The idea is to use natural means to achieve health.

Naturopathy and Your Lifestyle

The Naturopath aims to set treatment goals with the client that will fit in with their lifestyle and be achievable. It is no good setting goals that will not be met and this is constantly re-assessed during consultations. Some people come with chronic health issues that have been building for many many years and may need months or years of ongoing treatment to improve while others have more acute problems that are solved quickly and easily. No client is the same and this is the beauty of Naturopathy with its highly individualized treatments. The aim is to give the power back to you as you are the one who has to do the work while the therapist is just giving you the tools, information and motivation to succeed.

Naturopathy for Children

Children can respond much faster than adults and therefore catching health issues quickly before they manifest into much larger issues can be extremely important for their ongoing health and wellbeing. Many of the treatments for children are different than for adults with similar issues as children have different metabolisms and needs and are not simply ‘little adults’. Treatments for children are also all taste tested and trialed to achieve optimal results and compliance!