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Homeopathic Kits & Handbook

Homeopathic Kits & Handbook

The Fountain Centre offers a homeopathic remedy kit “Family Health Care with Homeopathy”. The kit comprises 22 homeopathic remedies and a bottle of Calendula tincture held in a convenient box. They are best used in conjunction with the handbook “Family Health Care with Homeopathy” by Debbie Rayfield and after completing a homeopathy workshop.

Family Healthcare with Homeopathy Handbook

Along with the remedy kit a professionally bound 75 page book, “Family Healthcare with Homeopathy” is available. The kit and book can be sold separately.

This handbook enables people to use and be confident with the home prescribing of homeopathic medicines for the entire family. The homeopathic medicines covered in the handbook are available in the kit.

Debbie will be available to help you if needed and it is very useful when you have the kit at home as the remedies are readily available. You can start treatment straight away and there is no need to worry about leaving home feeling sick or with a sick child to get to a clinic for a remedy.

You may know what it’s like when your child suddenly wakes up at midnight with a croupy cough after they have gone to bed apparently well. Your homeopath is asleep and so is your doctor. What will you do? If you know the basics of homeopathy you would be able to give a dose of homeopathic Aconite and watch your child calm down and go back to sleep.

The handbook will enable you to learn how to take a case history and to use a homeopathic symptom index. As you become more skilful in doing this, there will be fewer disappointments and more enthusiasm to learn about this wonderful system of homeopathic medicine.

We encourage all parents of young children to have a “Family Healthcare with Homeopathy” kit and handbook in their home.

Please contact us to purchase “Family Healthcare with Homeopathy” kit and handbook or for more details about our workshops.