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Linda Burnard-Taylor

Linda Burnard-Taylor

Kinesiology, Balgowlah

  • Professional Kinesiologist (PKP, Resonate Essences, Kinergetics)
  • Certified Body Ecology Food Coach
  • Retailer for Earthing, Body Ecology & Healthy Living Products.

Linda is a qualified Kinesiology practitioner and Food Coach, who enjoys helping people connect with and follow their purpose, with enhanced clarity and passion, and a greater sense of fulfillment & peace. Linda offers a warm, supportive, & confidential environment. Whether her clients goals are related to health, happiness, wealth, or relationships, Linda has found Energetic Healing and consuming Healthy Whole Foods a powerful and effective combination in helping her clients to move toward their goals and realise their potential.

Kinesiology is a holistic, natural, powerful yet gentle modality, which balances the body’s energy and stimulates the body’s own healing potential. Ultimately it helps put the body into a better position to heal itself, or to reach a specified goal. Linda uses a variety of techniques & tools within her Kinesiology sessions, including SET / EFT Tapping, Colour Cards, & Resonate Essences.

Linda also enjoys sharing her knowledge of Fermented Foods. They provide your body with an enzyme-rich, mineral rich, bio-available super food loaded with beneficial bacteria, which aids digestion, builds immunity, supports the elimination of toxins, and is wonderful for controlling sugar cravings.

She has experience working with clients in the following areas:

  • Clear sabotage patterns, & self-limiting beliefs
  • Reduce stress & anxiety, & release negative emotions
  • Minimise food & environmental sensitivities
  • Improve digestive & nutritional health
  • Increase energy, vitality & overall wellbeing
  • Candida & heavy metal toxicity
  • Hydration & Mineral balancing
  • Building immunity naturally
  • Reduce pain & release tension
  • Improve learning ability & brain integration
  • Enhance your ability to enjoy a purposeful, passionate life!

Testimonial – Northern Beaches Mum of two:

I can honestly say that I have felt a big difference since I started seeing Linda 7 months ago. We have worked on a number of different areas of my life, including past traumas, self-confidence, fears, phobia and anger. I have always felt balanced and uplifted after our sessions. I am more balanced within myself, I have dropped some of my fears regarding meeting new people and being around people, I don’t get angry easily anymore (my children have definitely benefited from it). We have also worked with mercury toxicity and I believe I no longer suffer from mercury toxicity. Linda first worked with me to strengthen my body’s elimination pathways, before working with the heavy metals. The results after the mercury toxicity session were amazing, my memory improved, I could remember my dreams, and I felt calmer and happier than I have done in a long time. I have for years been suffering from Thrush/candida. Linda has been able to help me in this area too, with us having a number of sessions to balance my body’s energy in relation to candida. On Linda’s suggestion I also went on an anti candida diet + supplements. I have seen very good results in this area. I want to thank Linda for her amazing work and also for her compassionate nature”. 

Qualifications / Memberships:

  • PKP Professional Status Certificate IV, and Touch for Health Proficiency with the Australasian College of Kinesiology Mastery at Crows Nest.
  • Certified in Body Ecology Food Coaching, trained by Donna Gates, who is a world leader in fermented foods.
  • Registered member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Limited.

Prior to studying Kinesiology and Food Coaching Linda worked in Retail Management & Wholesale for nearly 18 years, specialising in fashion, cosmetics and women’s accessories. She holds a Fashion Certificate and has studied various Retail Management courses with David Jones and Grace Bros.